The Abell Headjoint is available in three versions: for C Flute, for Alto Flute and for Simple-system Flute. All Abell Headjoints are manufactured from tropical hardwoods and precious metals and produce a wide tonal spectrum through the full range of the instrument.

Price List

January 2018

African Blackwood (Grenadilla) with Sterling Silver:
For Boehm-system C Flutes $1500
Black leather-covered French style hard case add $125
For Alto Flutes $1750
Black leather-covered French style hard case add $125
For Simple-system Flutes $1000
Interfacing barrel-joint add $250

The Abell Flute Co. offers headjoints manufactured from African Blackwood and Sterling silver in two styles of embouchure design producing distinctly different tonal qualities.

The Standard model has a rectangular shape and is modern in its design and response. It speaks easily through the full range of the flute and produces a bright, open sound. This style headjoint is designed primarily to play comfortably in large ensembles and orchestral work, though it is not limited only to those venues.

The Oval model has a slightly smaller, elliptical shaped embouchure and is designed especially for small ensemble and chamber music where a more intimate sound is required. This style headjoint also plays easily through the full range of the flute and produces a very clear, centered tone with an especially dark and pungent quality in the lower registers.

Though the two styles have different attributes of color and response, both the Standard and Oval models can be used in a variety of different settings for many types of music; and both models will exhibit a warm, wooden sound with a complex and intriguing tonal spectrum.

All Abell headjoints are designed to articulate easily throughout the entire range of the flute repertoire, yet with enough resistance and flexibility to allow the player to produce a clear, stable, and focused tone through a wide variety of colors and textures.

All headjoints are made to fit most flutes and can usually be made to fit uncommon or special instruments with no adverse effects to the response of the headjoint or the flute. To insure the best results, it is recommended that proper fitting to the customer’s instrument be done at The Abell Flute Co. with turn-around time being rarely more than a few days. Note: The outside diameter of the Abell Boehm-system C-flute headjoint is larger than standard metal headjoints and will not fit into the headjoint slot in flute cases designed for metal flutes.

The Abell Alto headjoint is manufactured from well-seasoned African Blackwood and Sterling silver and is designed to fit any 25mm bore Alto flute. The headjoint is made in a straight-style and is currently offered with one style of embouchure shape, allowing for the greatest amount of flexibility, articulation, and a broad tonal spectrum. Due to acoustic and manufacturing limitations, the Abell Flute Co. does not offer curved wooden Alto headjoints.

The Abell Simple-System headjoint is offered primarily for players in the Celtic and Gaelic music traditions and is made on a cylindrical bore (as opposed to the parabolic bore used in the Boehm-system headjoints). The Simple-system headjoints are manufactured applying the same knowledge and attention to detail used in making the Boehm-system heads; and the headjoints are designed to allow fitting to almost any Simple-system flute regardless of the age of the instrument. Note: While the Abell Simple-system headjoint alone cannot alter any possible inherent intonation or scale problems in a given Simple-system flute, it will enhance both the tonal spectrum and articulation on the instrument.

All headjoints are manufactured from well seasoned, instrument grade African Blackwood (and other tropical hardwoods) and Sterling silver requiring just a light, occasional oiling of the wood with almond oil for optimal protection and response. It is recommended that the headjoint be swabbed dry after each use.

Headjoints manufactured by The Abell Flute Co. are offered with a fifteen day trial period after purchase, and are guaranteed to be free of defects in the materials and in manufacturing for the period of one year from the date of purchase.

Note: As of January 2, 2017, all products manufactured from any of the Rosewood species (Dalbergia) are now regulated for commercial trade under the new CITES regulations ( African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) is in the Rosewood family and is currently included on this list for regulation. However, there are no problems with exporting or importing instruments made from this wood aside from its being regulated by the countries involved. The Abell Flute Co. has all the required permits and documentation necessary for exporting and importing under these new CITES regulations. There may be delays on deliveries as well as additional costs for documentation required to ship Rosewood instruments internationally. Also, there may be documentation required to import Rosewood instruments into countries outside the US. Please contact The Abell Flute Co. for additional information.

The Abell Flute Co. will provide any necessary documentation regarding your instrument (date of production, materials used, appraisal, etc.) at no charge. Please contact us using the contact information provided below.

Please note that the prices listed above are for the manufacturing only and do not include any additional VAT and/or Customs duties when the instrument is shipped outside the US.

For further information or to place an order for a headjoint, please contact the Abell Flute Co. directly from the information provided below.